Senior Yoga-Teacher for 35 years from Mexico in Munich !!!! Meet Baptiste Marceau at the MahaShakti Yogastudio


Yoga Workshop im MahaShakti Yoga Studio München in Schwabing


Sonntag, 04.08.19  14:30 Uhr - 17:30 Uhr - 3 Hours !!!


Workshop Yoga Alchemy, Self Transformation, Mythology and Shamanism  with BAPTISTE MARCEAU from Mexico


The workshop is all about yoga:
Philosophy, pranayama study of the three main locks: bandhas (mullah bandha), uddyana bandha аnd Jalandhara.
Аsanas: How to use the locks within the postures, vinyasa the method of jumping back.
Kryas (nauli and neti), how to do those most important cleansing movements.

Explanatión about the 9 drishtis - 9 ways to focus.  


A little about Baptiste.
One of the original international traveling rebel yogis and shamanic practitioner. His deep practice, world knowledge and myth breaking points of view is of great interest and awakens. For over 35 years Baptiste spreading yogic teachings through Mexico and teaching internationally upon request with the intention to create congruency between yogic virtue and yogic practice.


He has a dream of humanity uniting with each other and the earth as one through preserving dynamic culture and wisdom.


Meet this famous yoga teacher at the MahaShakti Yoga Studio. First time in his life to give classes in Munich!!!


Kosten: 49 EUR / nur 39 EUR bis 31.07.19 (mit aktueller MahaShakti Yogakarte oder Workshopwiederholer)

              Mit Kauf der Karte stimmst du den AGB's des MahaShakti Yoga Studios zu. Punkt 14.
Einlass ab 15 Minuten vor Workshop. Dein Platz ist mit Eingang der Gebühr sicher!

Im Preis sind 19% MwSt enthalten.

49,00 €