Yoga Workshops im MahaShakti Yoga Studio München in Schwabing: JOSEPH ARMSTRONG from the famous Miami Life Center at the MahaShakti




1. ADJUSTEMENT AFTERNOON             Fr,  07.09. 12:45 - 15:15 Uhr
2. LED PRIMARY SERIES, ASHTANGA  Sa, 08.09. 07:00 - 09:00 Uhr
3. YOGA AND THE VAGUS NERVE        Sa, 08.09. 15:15  -  17:45 Uhr
4. LED PRIMARY SERIES, ASHTANGA  So, 09.09. 07:00 - 09:00 Uhr

5. BACKBENDS                                      So, 09.09. 15:00 - 17:30 Uhr

1. WS:  ADJUSTEMENT AFTERNOON  Fr, 07.09. 12:45 - 03:15 pm

Why do an adjustment at all? How do I do one safely? Where do I touch, how much pressure? These are some of the questions we’ll look into during this hands-on workshop. We will explore assisting several fundamental asanas including forward folds, triangle and extended side angle among others. Insightful for teachers and practioners alike, you will leave feeling confident in knowing when, why and how to use these adjustments. Für Lehrerinnen aber auch für interessierte Übende mehr als geeignet!


2. und 4. WS:  LED PRIMARY SERIES, ASHTANGA  (or do the half Primary and the finishing sequence) Sat & Sun 08.09., 09.09. 07:00 - 09:00 am

Move through this traditional vinyasa sequence with Joseph guiding you towards just the right balance of effort and ease. Using the Tristhana method, we will focus our breath, gaze and movement into a purifying practice of yoga.


3. WS:  YOGA AND THE VAGUS NERVE  Sat, 08.09. 03:15 - 05:45 pm

Learn to hack your nervous system using a synthesis of ancient yogic techniques paired with modern scientific know how. The Vagus Nerve down regulates and relaxes the major systems of the body. It is possible to tap into this power and increase our connection to flow states and the relaxation response. This can result in increased presence, psychological and physical well being. Guided imagery, meditation, vocal techniques, breath work and discussion will all be a part of this session. Practioners will leave with a working knowledge of the parasympathetic nervous system and how to use it to modify the state of the mind and body.


5. WS:  BACKBENDS Sun, 09.09. 03:00 - 5:30 Uhr pm

Expand the front body and open the heart. Create a firm base. Learn to lift, not collapse. Build tolerance for challenge. These are some of the lessons one moves through in backbending. In this workshop students will learn to strike the right balance between ease and effort. They will learn patience with adversity. We will explore how dedication, determination and devotion relate to backbends and how confidence can result from steady practice.


Joseph unterrichtet auf Englisch und ist sehr leicht und gut zu verstehen. Joseph will be teaching in English. Verpasse nicht diese einzigartige Möglichkeit einen wirklich besonderen Yoga-Lehrer hier bei uns im MahaShakti zu erleben.


Joseph teaches at the world renowned Miami Life Center and continued his learning under his dear teachers Tim Fieldman and Kino MacGregor. More recently he has completed 2 months of study in Mysore under Sharath Jois. He is a very inspiring teacher who lives what he teaches.


His search for a more present and peaceful life first led him to the practice in 2008. A few years later he was living in India and studied intensively. After coming back to the States, Joseph began experimenting with Ashtanga Yoga. He understood quickly that the lineage was calling to him to deepen his practice. He underwent a 2 year apprenticeship program at the world renowned Miami Life Center, continuing his education under his dear teachers Tim Fieldman and Kino MacGregor.


More recently he has completed 2 months of study in Mysore under Sharath Jois. Joseph hopes his practice allows him to be ever more loving and to exist gently.
Me, Veronika, met him several times in Miami....he was always a loving, caring and compassionate teacher. This is why I am happy to have him at my MahaShakti Yoga Studio and I am very thankful that Joseph is putting all this effort to coming to Germany and to inspire us with his teaching.


Kosten: Wähle aus zwischen folgenden Workshops: Adjustment, Led Primary (zweimal, mit Datum!) , Vagus Nerve, Backbends und schreibe es bei deiner Buchung bitte dazu. Pls choose from the Workshops and drop a line when booking which Workshops exactly you would like to attend - we recommend to do all! Thank you!

1  Workshop von 2 Std oder 2,5 Std:      55,- EUR 
2 Workshops von 2 Std oder 2,5 Std:   105,- EUR

3 Workshops von 2 Std oder 2,5 Std:   147,- EUR 

4 od 5 WSs von 2 Std od 2,5 Std:          199,- EUR  


Joseph Armstrong und wir empfehlen dir alle Workshops zu buchen. Sie sind allerdings nicht aufbauend und können auch einzeln gebucht werden. Schreibe bei deiner Anmeldung bitte dazu, zu welchen Workshops du gehen möchtest und bleibe bitte auch dabei. ;-) Dann erleichterst du uns die Orga, danke!
Gut zu wissen:
Falls du nicht alle Workshops buchst, schreibe bitte imText der Anmeldung dazu für welche du dich anmeldest. Pls. drop a line when you sign in, which Workshops you want to attend if not all and pls stick to your choice, thanks! We will open 15 minutes before the Workshops our doors. Enjoy!!!
Schreibe 'alle' oder die, die du buchst dazu und BITTE bleibe dabei, danke.
Einlass ab 15 Minuten vor dem Workshop. Dein Platz ist mit Eingang der Gebühr sicher! Beim Frühbucherpreis überweise bitte bis zum 31.07.18. Eingang auf dem Konto, danke dir!

Im Preis sind 19% MwSt enthalten.

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